Transfering old hard drive to new laptop


Never done this before, so I thought I'd ask.

I had an old Toshiba with Vista, and it's motherboard got screwed up, so it's permanently dead. I have the hard drive in a Nexstar enclosure, but I'm sort of unsure of how to completely tranfer everything. My new laptop is a Dell with windows 7.

As of now, I'm just trying the tried and true copy/move formula, but will that recover everything? Will I need to reinstall iTunes, Photoshop, my Wacom tablet or any other programs? Will all of my folders be there?

I've dipped around and found most things, but I haven't found everything yet.
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  1. You'll need to reinstall your programs.

    If you just copying the files over, they will miss their registry settings from the old system. If you haven't heard of the registry before, check this out:
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