9800GT Green vs GT240 GDDR5

I am looking for a card for a Dell Optiplex 330 which came with a 300W PSU (with no PCIe power connector). I can't really afford to upgrade the PSU so I am looking at getting either a 9800GT Green or a GT240 GDDR5.

I know there's also the ATI 4670. I have a preference for NVIDIA but am open to suggestions.

From what I've read, all three should be ok with a quality 300W PSU (with only one HDD and one optical drive). Is that right?

And which option should I go for?
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  1. The 9800 green is between a 9600 and a normal 9800GT in performance whilst the GT240 is closer to a 9600GT, go for the 9800GT.
  2. 9800gt is better than the GT240, but tbh i have the GT240 1GB palit card, and it does everything i want it to better than the HD4670 i tried. The Gt240 is very good, but if you've got enough cash, get the 9800gt
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