Power Supply Tester Results Confusing

I tested my mobo's 24 pin power connector with Antec's Digital PC Power Tester. It showed all voltages within normal range, but it showed the +12v2 as a flashing "LL" and was beeping. Is this an indication of a bad PS, or is it because the +12v2 isn't present in the 20+4 pin mobo connector?

My computer has been shutting down unexpectedly. Lately, it won't even start. Pressing the power-on switch does absolutely nothing. (Power-on Switch checks OK) Sometimes if I recycle pwr to the PSU, I can get a quick bump of fans and lites... then nothing. Occassionally, I can get it to start up and boot to Windows. But eventually it will turn off just like I pulled the plug.

PS = ePower EP-850 XP, 4 +12v rails
Mobo = Asus P5N-E SLI 650i

Btw, is it possible to insert pics in msgs in this forum?
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    did you hook up the 4 pin 12 volt to the other side like you would on the mother board
  2. Hi cletusheaps,
    At first I had not. But after some further review, yes, I did. However, the problem has since been solved with a new PSU. All is well now. But thank you for the reply.
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