Power needed for 260 gtx AND 8600 GT


I am currently using a 260 GTX, and I have a dual monitor setup. I want three monitors though, so I read that you can add another graphics card and use it to power up the third monitor.

Now the problem is, I already have all the hardware lying here, but I do not have enough money to upgrade my Power Supply, and since no PSU calculator lets me choose two different cards, I'm a bit paranoid on whether I can run both cards at once?

Windows 7 X64 Enterprise
260 GTX
q9300 at stock speeds
random asus motherboard

Thanks in advance, and I hope I provided enough information.
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  1. what is your current psu?
  2. oh rofl, I forgot that

    520 HX from corsair
  3. You might what to tell us what PSU you have, otherwise how can anyone give you an answer?
  4. I dont think so, a GTX260 and your other components needs 500W, so you have 20W for a 8600GT
  5. Yes I think you will be fine, BUT, you can avoid stressing your psu ,by not running 3D benchmarks or games on two monitors/gpu's at the same time. You not going for SLI, just to run 2 cards, 3 monitors at the same time. A 8600 gt does not use much power, does not need a connector. I use one in a htpc running dual monitors, 4 hard drives with a stock Dell psu for two years now.
  6. Well, I'm not going to play on several monitors at once, and I'm not going to run benchmarks either. So I guess Ill go for it. Thanks guys
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