Are these compatible?

I have 2 memoru chips from my HP that are 1gb 2rx8 pc2-4200 and want to put them in my emachine that has gddr2 memory. will this work?
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  1. Welcome Newcomer! :)

    If the speed, CAS, and Voltage is the same in your eMachine then maybe. The 2rx8 pc2-4200 is DDR2 533 MHz; as best a I could determine it is Hynix* HYMP512U64BP8-C4 AB CAS 4-4-4 Non-ECC DS:512Mx8.

    However, if you have a newer eMachine then I would recommend against it. Chances are it will NOT work.

    To get more information on your current DDR2 use CPUz -

    Look at this screen; take the JEDEC#2 MHz multiply x 2 {e.g. 533 MHz x 2 = 1066 MHz -> DDR3 1066 (PC3 8500)}

    Good Luck!
  2. gddr2 will only be in a graphics card

    generally system RAM will be compatible if its the same type ie DDR2 , but it will run at the speed of the slowest module , and its often a good idea to have that slowest module in slot 1 which should be nearest the processor
  3. ^ I assume the OP made a typo "GDDR2" bit until they post more info there's no way yo know for certain.
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