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I have bought a new asus with wireless . Who pays for this connection. I turned it on and it was online immediately I dont know which server or my account name or who pays. can someone explain it to me.
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  1. Most laptops now come equipped with a wireless adapter for use with home wifi network or similar systems used in cafes.

    NOT to be confused with a cellphone adapter that can be added later to use cellphone type internet connection.

    In order to access the internet wirelessly via your notebook at home you will (sorry to say) have to subscribe to an Internet Service Provider.

    The ISP will deliver a service to your home either via TV cable network or via phone line. They will probably offer the option of a wireless router for your home which permits you to connect your computer by wireless.

    If you are connecting presently without a subscription you are probably connected to a neighbour's system which they have neglected to secure. If they find out they may be irate.

    Or you have a Cellphone adapter and are connected via your cellphone provider and can expect a fat bill (but I think you would know that because those connections seem harder to set up).
  2. This laptop worked wireless internet for a whole weekend before ceasing. As it has Windows 7 the software for my wireless device either worked for two days before crashing or something else connected. I then had to get the software in the usb modem upgraded for windows 7 and then it worked fine. It may have been an aberation with the software that it worked for a weekend and then crashed. Windows 7 is catching a lot of us out with its compatibility. Its a shame that every time windows upgrades some of our programs drop off the list.
  3. Sounds like you have it solved, anyway.
  4. thanks for your interest it is appreciated.
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