Iomega Prestige 1tb not reading

My laptop no longer reads my hard drive when I power it up.

Had some issues prior to this - the drive would 'freeze', the LED locked into flashing repetitively. Needed to shut off and switch on again.

Also the drive was occasionally 'clunking' when reading.

I've taken the drive out and put it into an IcyBox docking station, no luck. Computer doesn't recognize that it's even connected.

Basically, is this a dead duck or does anyone have a Plan B suggestion?

The drive whirs up when I switch it on, but is essentially invisible.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. For example is it worth trying to connect with a Drive Adaptor? or is this basically doing the same thing as using the docking station?

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  1. Sounds like a dead duck, hope you backed up all important data when you first noticed problems.
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