1333mhz showing 1066?

I recently bought ram clocked at 1333mhz. The SPD in the BIOs is saying it's 1066mhz. I can manually set the system multiplier to make the ram displayed 1333mhz, but the SPD remains 1066mhz. I used CPU-Z to double check, but it also says the SPD is 1066mhz. I'm pretty sure the motherboard and ram are compatible. Any ideas as to what is happening? Is it normal?

the ram I'm using is OCZ DDR3 PC3-12800 Gold Low Voltage Dual Channel OCZ3G1600LV4GK

the mobo I'm using is Gigabyte GA-P55m-UD2
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  1. CPU-Z's SPD page reads the specs off the chip - so it's static. To see what the RAM is running at, look at the memory tab and double the frequency shown.

    Love that board, got one myself and it's been the best $100 spent. To think I almost spent $160 on a 'top' model!
  2. Ah, the memory tab displays my ram correctly. So is the SPD of my RAM completely irrelevant to the frequency it actually runs at?

    Edit: I forgot to set my frequency back to auto. When using auto multiplier, CPU-Z still reads it as 1066mhz.
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    When you look at the SPD tab of CPU-Z you should see multiple possible settings for your RAM. They will be labeled JEDEC #1, JEDEC #2, etc. These are all of the possible settings your RAM has been programmed to run at. Your computer could pick up one of those settings and use it, or you can configure your own.

    Go into BIOS and choose Load Optimize Defaults. Then save your settings and exit, your computer will reboot. If you've made any non-memory related BIOS changes, go back into BIOS and reset those values. This time when you save and reboot, log into windows and open CPU-Z. On the memory tab, the DRAM Frequency should show ~666 MHz. If it does not, you will have to set more values by hand which is not a big deal, what is the DRAM Frequency listed as?
  4. The JEDECs of my ram is as follows:
    1: 380 MHz
    2: 457 MHz
    3: 533 MHz
    4: 609 MHz

    Loading the optimized defaults didn't change the DRAM Frequency. It still reads as 533 MHz. So I suppose manually setting the system multiplier to 10x is the only way to go. Your right, it's not a big deal setting it manually. So I guess problem solved (unless the JEDECs of my RAM suddenly reveal some crucial information, in which case PM me). Thanks for all your help ekoostik
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