Intel i7 860 overclock

Hi guys i overclocked my system and i would like to run a benchmark tool to test it out, What benchmark program do you think is the best to use and test my current setup. i would love to reach the 4.2 mark if possible, also why is my memory showing this when inside the bios it shows 9-9-9-24

Is it possible to overclock my Memory (if so how) or just leaving it @1600

This is my system specs and also how far i got.

Intel I7 860 stock 2.80 - @ 4Ghz:
Gigabyte P55A-UD4P
G Skill 4GB Ripjaw 9-9-9-24 1.5v - Running @ 1600
Titan Fenrir Xmass edition
Silverston Rv02

Note it was video that taught me what i did so far however it did not have any in-dept walk through so i winged it and got what you see so far
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  1. Your memory also changes when you OC your CPU. What changes did you make to reach that OC?

    I can't make the math work. If your CPU multiplier is x21, then your bclk must be around 4000/21 = 190.

    If your bclk is 190, your Memory frequency must be either:
    190 * 8 = 1520 MHz
    190 * 10 = 1900 MHz

    (Unless your memory multiplier is set to 6 or 12, but that just seems to low or high).

    Download CPU-Z:
    Run CPU-Z and look at the memory tab. Attach a screenshot, or list all values that you see. Your memory is running at 2 x whatever value you see in the "DRAM Frequency" field.
  2. multiplier is x20 if i go 21 it hits 4.2ghz but the system locks up at windows screen, My bclk is 200 with a multiplier of 10 it was the only way to maintain it @1600 flat on the mem and 4ghz on the cpu, I'm wondering if i can i mess with the voltage settings to gain 4.2 but the bios only allows me to change ram voltage (everything is on auto) and not the cpu, easytune 6 gives the option to change cpu.

    my system seems to be running stable so i want to stress it out to really see if it can handle the overclock.

    Do you think i should turn on turbo boost, will push it above 4ghz ? or does it only work for stock settings.

    why is my memory showing this when inside the bios it shows 9-9-9-24
  3. You said your blck was 200 and memory multiplier was 10. But if that was the case, your RAM would be at 2000 MHz. Since you said it was at 1600 MHz (and your pictures also say 1600), then I believe your memory multiplier is at 8. And that's good, I'm just try to establish where you are.

    At that speed I doubt you would be able to turn on Turbo. Here's a review of that CPU you may find interesting, they were not able to use Turbo past 3.53GHz, although they were using the retail cooler:

    Your board should allow for setting V manually. Here's a site where they've put the BIOS screenshots on line (I believe it's German?, but the screens are still there so it's useful to refer to):
    Under M.I.T. and then Advanced Voltage Settings, you can set Vs by hand. And I would recommend doing so. Your board will probably run at more V than you need.

    Have you tested for stability yet? Run Prime95, Intel Burn Test, LinX, or .... ?

    Here's an article on OCing I think you'll find helpful, it uses an Asus board but the methods are the same:
  4. "200 and memory multiplier is 10. But if that was the case, your RAM would be at 2000 MHz"

    your right it but you saw what i got so got Prime95 as you suggested and ran it, within 15 secs the system shut down so i'm going to revamp my settings or try easytune 6, will post each results i get.
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