Will seasonic m2ii 520w be enough?

so i am planning to upgrade my phenom 945 to fx 4170. and put deepcool ice wind pro cooler

so my final specs will be:
AMD FX4170/deepcool ice wind pro (i prolly OC this)
HD 7850 (OC to 1100-1200)
asrock 890GX extreme3
2 x 4gb pc1600 ram
1 ssd 120gb
1 tb hdd

so yeah my concern is, will the seasonic m2ii 520w be enough on this setup? i dont plan to crossfire just OC.
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    That configuration will draw about ~380-400w at max load, your psu handles well 500w, it will do.
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  3. oh i see, thanks. but how did you compute for it? i tried some watts calculator over the net(forgot the site). and it shows 570w or so on me.
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