Are these temperatures hot?

I am curious if these temps are really hot? The max temps are when i am under full load just check out my pic that i took of from CPIUD hardware monitor.....and please what do you recommend....i am in a budget so i am trying to get the best bang for the lowest buck
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  1. No their not too bad. Normally as long as it's below 80 it's okay even if you still have a little bit of thermal headroom.

    I would recommend a hyper 212 evo if you want a bit more headroom.
  2. What are the usual temperatures of the hyper 212? and is my flashed 6950 fine at 90 degrees?
  3. I don't know how much the temps would go down for your exact CPU (as it's more about being able to overclock that it is keeping it cooler) but for the 6950 (I missed that it was on the chart) I'd recommend downloading MSI afterburner and creating a custom fan profile so that it doesn't get that hot. Normally try to keep it around 80 as the max although 90 doesn't hurt it (it's still in spec but near the edge).
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