I7 860 or 920?

Hi everyone, well i wanted to know if the intel core i7 860 has better performance than the i7 920, i mean they cost the same but some of the features in i7 860 seem better. If that is so ill need to buy a mobo with a 1156 socket, so i also wanted to know what you guys think about this one i saw on newegg, its the GIGABYTE GA-P55-USB3. Thanks alot
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  1. Here you go:

    Features in i7 860? What features? They both have the exact same features. Hyperthreading, turbo etc.
  2. Well, the i7 860 has a far more powerful Turbo Boost - 532MHz more maximum, and will outpace the i7 920 in most games and some applications. However the i7 860 does not support triple channel DDR3 RAM, and the chipsets that it uses only support 16x/0x or 8x/8x PCI-e lanes - which means you can only use up to two graphic cards, and that's with some motherboards. I'd get the Core i7 860 & ASUS P7P55D-E LX or Pro, LX if you don't want to CFX or SLI, Pro if you do. 4GB of RAM is enough for today's use.
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