Video editing pc ,, which is best ?

IN the very near future, I plan a system build ,, or a partial one i should say ,, At present, Im running a q6600 with 4gb of ddr2, MSI mobo , 550W power, ATI video card with hdmi, dvi outs, onboard sound. I use XP pro with Pinnacle 11 being the main program I'll be using, along with nero 6 for burning dvd.
All existing components here will be used with exception of MOBO, CPU and Memory
I have narrowed it down to a
core I5-750 or either the I7-920 with 4GB or 6GB 10600 respectively. My question is ,
WIll the I7-920 outperform the I5-750 in editing and more importantly perhaps , rendering ?? Im thinking Pinnacle 11 is multi-thread capable, but I have yet to comfirm this. I am not concerned with any gaming performance whatsoever, only the video editing and rendering ,,
Thank you !
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  1. I'd go i5. In some benchmarks that regard to your use, the i5 actually beats the 920, and in others, vice versa. I'd still go i5 due to it's lower cost and lower power consumption.
  2. jack attack ,,
    thank you for the info ! I should have stated also on earlier post that I use a small sata HD for OS and a 500gb sata for video storage during production and a 1TB for archived video files ,,
    The "editing PC is not connected to the internet, only to a home network ,,
    I run absolutely no virus software at all and only the bare minimum software for the video / audio ( such as a wav edit program etc) ,, The sides have not been on my case in a long long time as I change out hard drives from time to time fro archiving certain types of video material,, its ugly , and probably off the wall ,haha,,, but I can only think it runs cooler and I have yet to have any bad effects over the years using this method

    Also , I plan to upgrade to win7 pro soon , as, if I understand it correctly, this would be needed to take advantage of the DDR3 over 3GB ,,, ??
    thanks again !
  3. What you use for storage is kind of irrelevant for CPU choice, but important none the less. As far as Windows 7 goes, it's the 32 bit architecture that can't address something over the line of 3.25GB of ram, you'll need a 64 bit OS to do that.
  4. What you need to take advantage of the ram is a 64bit OS. At the moment the "best" OS would be Win7 x64. Win7 still comes in both 32 and 64bit flavors, so make sure you get the right one.
  5. I would have to say the i7 920 in case some of the programs you use now or in the future take advantage of threading very well. The 920 is capable of 8 threads with hyperthreading, the 750 is only 4.
  6. Here's a pretty lengthy set of benchmarks you can look over.

    It's all preference and budget man. The i7 is a lot of CPU, especially when you clock it up towards 4Ghz. Some need it, some don't. Hell, I hardly ever max out two cores, let alone 4(8). i5 is just an all around stellar chip, IMO.
  7. Thank you to all for replies given ! ! !
    Ill let you know how it turns out ,,,

    To 474545b ,, thank you for the 32/64 bit info ,,, I was aware of the differences but Im glad you reminded me to be sure i get the right one , Thanks ,,

    To jack_attack ,,, the info you posted on the enchmarks kept me busy for hours ,, haha ,,, it was indeed helpful and educational tho ..

    Any last words on 1333 vs 1600 for memory before I place order for the upgraded stuff? (mobo , cpu, memory ) and brands ? I promise that Im trying to digest all of the specs on memory, i.e. 8,8,8,24 7,7,7,24 etc ,,,,,, sure is a lot of info to get thru my thick skull ... haha
    Thanks again !
  8. I'd just bought some new memory for my pc and I went with 4 x 2GB of 1600. I currently have it running at 1333 with tighter timings than if I ran them oc'd at 1600. Undervolted too. I went with GSkill Eco ddr3 1600 1.35V. I've read that the lower the voltage required by memory = a longer cpu life...sounds good to me :)
  9. If you're still thinking of going i7-920, you might as well pay $10 more for the i7-930 that was juts released.
  10. Hi all ,, I didnt realize i was supposed to leave a best answer message ,.. lol
    I found a I7-920 for 250 bucks and decided id go that route ,,
    Ill llet ya know how the build turns out
    a big thank you to everyone that sent a reply ,, much appreciated !
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