Looking for a good USB 3.0 External Harddrive

Hello community!

I am looking into purchasing a high quality external hard drive.

It must be USB 3.0, minimum 500GB, very reliable.

I've looked at reviews on and various other sites, however, there isn't a high volume of reviews on most items. Thus I am looking for your expert opinions - where can I get the most "bang for my buck" in terms of performance/price. Please keep in mind my requirements above.. price isn't really that big of an issue, as long as it is high quality and doesn't cost a fortune.

Thanks for your help!
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    I have the usb 2.0 version of this drive and it has worked as a newtwork drive for about a year with no issues. Being that it is usb 3.0 the feedback and reviews are not coming in as of yet but for me I have had good success with Western Digital drives and will continue to purchase them. I will be looking at this 3.0 external drive as a seperate backup for my computer.
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