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Hi everyone! I m using virgin broadband. I get disconnected again and agian. I switch off the router and switch on again to get the internet connection. Is this my laptop windows 7 problem or the router? My laptop is sony vio and it is brand new. waiting for ur reply.


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  1. Well we can rule out Windows 7 specifically, as everyone else would be having problems like this if that were the case. As I see it, we have a few possibilities:

    1. You have a bad network driver. Consult your laptop manufacturer's support website for updated drivers for Windows 7. If no Windows 7 specific drivers exist, Windows Vista drivers should be sufficient, but may be contributing to the problem.

    2. Your NIC adapter on the laptop is defective. To test, take the laptop to a friends place and hook up to their network for as long as possible. If the connection doesn't drop, the laptop is probably fine.

    3. The router is defective. Reflash the firmware (even if you are on the latest version already) and start using up a bunch of bandwidth to stress the router a bit. If the connection drops at this point, take note of the status lights on the router. Compare with the documentation to see if the behavior is normal. If the status lights don't change from when the connection is working properly, to when the connection drops, the router should be ok.

    4. Your broadband modem provided by Virgin is faulty. When testing the router as detailed above, also check the status lights on the broadband modem as well for any odd behavior. If anything unusual is observed, contact Virgin and see about obtaining a replacement modem.

    5. The problem is actually on Virgin's side. If everything (starting at your network driver -> Laptop NIC -> Router -> Broadband Modem) is fine on your end, contact Virgin and see if they have been having any problems with their network dropping customer's connections. Inform them of the tests you have been trying and see if they can send someone out to have a look at the connection beyond your house.
  2. hi. we are having the same problem. we have a belkin router and every time we start our new laptop the dns goes and no one can get on line apart from the new laptop. we have 5 pc's on the router and 1 xbox and all work perfect without the new laptop. at the mo its a xmas present we can't use. we have phoned belkin and they have even been remote access our pc's and changed the settings but we still have same problem, we have even done the same thing with our old bt homehub but still the same as soon as new laptop starts the dns goes. is there a way of wrking 2 routers at same time so we can put new laptop on its own router, the belkin router is the f5d8633 and homehub is th version 1 bt homehub grey in colour. thanks,


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  3. You answered all correcly. I just got a NEW HP LAPTOP with WIN 7 installed, and have been and still have connection dropping and restarting.
    What I did to test: Deleted my WLAN ADSL/Router password, use mu HP to work like a champ.
    Once I reset the Password in the Router, issues started again. I do beleive Microsoft need to produce a driver that fix this problem. maybe it's the security issue in WINDOWS 7 program. My older LAPTOP still connect without any problem , I have Windows Vista Ultimate Installed and it stay for hours connected.
    My Router is also an old one and I have three Wire CPU's connected. Soon I will buy a new router. A few pros inform me to purchase a FRITZBOX WLAN, so that's my next move. Good luck to all with the Windows 7, I will e-mail Microsoft Customer Service to see what they answer.

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