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Asus GTX670 Water Block

I was wondering if the EK DCII GTX670 water block for the Asus GTX670 was any good. It doesn't go the full length of the card and leaves everything to the right of the red line exposed. Would there be any cooling issues since the DCII cooler covers the whole PCB and the EK water block does not?

Update: Scrap the Asus GTX670, going with a reference design for cheaper.
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  1. Stay away from EK Nickel!
  2. amuffin said:
    Stay away from EK Nickel!

    Why's that? And which should I pick then?
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    EK Nickel had problems a year or so back and they haven't been adequately resolved, so if you buy EK, buy their copper blocks,
    failing that there are other manufacturers obviously,
    **Edit to add link, there are many good links in here to suitably reflect the issue,
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