Hi Guys!
I recently made a rig for gaming I used i5 3450 (I know it can't be OCd) and an HD 7870 but later changed to HD 7850 OC. I saved some money after changing the graphic card. My question is would it do any good if I use a hydro cooler for my CPU? Or should I just stick with the stock cooler which is kinda loud but keeps the CPU @ 44C' ideal.
Pleas suggest a hydro cooler that is not very expensive..
Thank you
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  1. If you don't like the noise of your stock cooler but want nice cooling, go with a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus. Since you will not be overclocking you will not need a water cooling block for a cpu, you wouldn't even need an aftermarket heat sink. But since you stated the stock cooler is loud, that means you want quieter cooling and the hyper 212 plus will do that and keep your cpu cooler. Here is a link on Newegg, it's really cheap.

  2. source: watercooling sticky v2, CLC section

    Eliminates the clearance issue found on mobo's that have tightly spaced/packed cpu mosfet coolers and tall ramsinks.
    Light weight block/contact plate module reduces stress on the mobo compared to heavy ended air coolers.
    Good for space constrained cases/rigs.
    Like conventional Watercooling, the unit can move and dump heat away from heat-source.
    They are the same as a good air cooler.

    For the price of an H100 an end user can purchase an entry level watercooling kit such as the XSPC Rasa RS/RX 240 kit and expect to see further temp drops as far as a cpu only loop is concerned, but the entry level kit gives the user the ability to venture into GPU and/or chipset cooling.
    Price of a C.L.C coupled with custom selection of fans can weigh heavy on a budgeted wallet.
    Pump is weak and is prone to failure or airlocks as seen in the past.
    Fins are tightly spaced and thus need high rpm+high static pressured fans to get the desired cooling and at a much higher acoustical note.
    Unlocking the full potential of the units will require one to be setup with the shrouds and fans in push+pull which in reality isn't possible for everyone using vintage cases.
    They perform about the same as a good air cooler.
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