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Hi all,

i recently got a 500 gb my passport essential that i use at work for vauable customer information. i am using bitlocker to secure the device but its taking forever (to be expected). if i pause it say at 80 percent and comeback tomorrow it will just start back at 80 percent right? no problems whatsoever?
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    I wouldn't do that. You may risk screwing up your protected drive and not being able to recover anything even if you did have the key...

    IMO let it run it's course, unless you want a chance to lose all your valuable information. BTW you should really back that information up to another device just in case the one you have fails...this is a common occurance.
  2. guess im staying late at work lol. i started the encryption way to late haha. and i have the info stored on our company cloud by i can't access it from home. Thats the reason i got the drive so i could work at home. I dont have ultimate or enterprise so i can't encrypt it at home. Thanks for the reply.

    btw i had a flash drive i was using but it had to little space, and bitlocker only took ten minutes to encrypt it (32gb)
  3. It took SIX and a half hours to encrypt it. lesson learned lol. Thanks for the help
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