Do you know a good, cheap SSD?

I need to know a good cheap SSD.
I was looking at the Crucial C300 128gb SATA 6.0, but hot damn, its expensive! :o
Do you know of any SSD that is good, but not extremely expensive? :??:
I will be using my computer for hardcore gaming and overclocking.
It needs at least 100gb storage space.
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  1. There are good SSDs and there are cheap ones ... the newer the version, the better (trust that).

    You may have heard about the "Trim" function (or utility) ... You may also have heard something about "barefoot" controllers (Indilink) ... those are good things ...

    You don't need SLC ... MLC is just fine.

    The only SSDs I am confidently recommending (price/performance/reliability/debugged) is the * Corsair "P" series * ... though OCZ Vertex is another very good line.

    Larger, Cheaper SSDs will be available by (or before) this fall 2010.


    = Al =
  2. Don't forget that you can trust any of the Intels.

    I believe the cheapest/best 128 GB one is the Corsair P128 for $375 (second link).
  3. And, I believe CRUCIAL is now also selling re-branded INTEL SSDs, tho I can't see why one would not simply buy INTEL. Maybe if there was a sale or if INTELS were out of stock.

    And (nothing to do w/any of the drives thus mentionned) Very slow write times are a likely sign that a given brand does not have their act together.

    = Al =
  4. Another thought would be to combine 2 lower cost SSDs in a RAID 0 configuration. For example, combine 2 Crucial 64GB SSDs in RAID 0. I believe it will be cheaper than buying 1 Crucial 128GB.
  5. That may be true, a year from now, but (trust me) ... You DO want to let ALL these first generation SSDs clear the channel, before you go bottom-feeding.

    = Repent or Perish ! =
  6. Nah, not realy. Also, you wouldn't have to do raid/use more space.
  7. Well, it was a thought...... I know it worked out that way on AVADirect, but just checked Newegg pricing comparing 64GB x 2 to 128GB and no benefit. Anyway, check out Toms Hardware review of SSDs from Sept. 2009, (,2399.html ) figure out how you will use it, and buy the best value for your planned usage. Personally, I'd go with one with both a high read and write speed that gives you the most GB for the buck. And if you can't afford 100GB, go to Plan B.
  8. Corsair "P" series (i.e. P128) or OCZ Vertex ... Intel "anything". Also, CRUCIAL ...

    ... My point is, there are VERY few product lines (currently available) which did not "screw up" with the firmware refresh management routines ... I ain't gonna teach a seminar but I have read at least a dozen articles on the evolution of SSDs and ... believe! ... most brands are not yet doing it correctly and there is quite a bit of "crippled crap" out there, at this time.

    All the makers now understand the issues, but few have still licenced or developed truly "proper" solutions. That is (one reason) why you see that all of them seem to read very fast but MANY have read times which barely beat a mechanical drive ... some even lag.

    Read up, if you doubt this ... otherwise, by some crap and see for yourself!

    Corsair "P" .. OCZ Vertex .. INTEL .. CRUCIAL ... FileMate (look for fastest writes)

    = Al =
  9. Correction ... Slower writes are a sign of sophomoric implementations ...

    Shop for the fastest write times and look for "Trim Function" Support or an Indilink/Barefoot controller ...
    ... Oh, yeah ... Samsung definately has the act together, too.

    Look for faster writes.

    But I meant to say (prev post) that some SSDs do not even write as fast as mech HDDs and some are barely or "not much" faster.

    This all has to do with "scrubbing" or "refreshing" deleted data sectors, so that they can be re-written. The best controllers "sneak in" this (slowish) management activity during clear "wait or idle" periods, making this housekeeping transparent to the user.

    Once an SSD is "all filled up", any new writes must follow a complete refresh/rewrite of the old, deleted data.

    = Al =
  10. Here is one more "Oh Yeah" . . .

    Oh, Yeah (see?) . . .

    . . . WhatEVER SSD you purchase ... Download and install all the latest drivers and utilities, just as soon as the drive is installed !!!

    Because the debugging and performance enhancement product evolutions are still ongoing, and all makers want a great reputation, they are putting more efficient firmware up (sometimes) on a weekly basis.

    = Al =
  11. Sorry to hog the thread .. really .. but I am sure you would like to see SSD RAID done right ... Here is the most coolest and bestest SSD this side of DARPA!

    Sequential writes of nearly 800MB/Second !!! (That's "BYTES", not bits) ...
    ... Reads are even faster ... needs a 4x slot.

    = Al=
  12. Would you like to see 24 individual SAMSUNG SSDs RAIDed together?

    I was laughing so hard, the first time I saw this, that I was "blowing snot" ! ...

    I like the "fire extinguisher" shot, the best ... HAAA hahahahahaha !

    Enjoy! ...

    = Yeah, I am an SSD evangelist = Sorry for the "over-share" ... must ... restrain ... enthusiasm ... must ...
  13. Maybe you could save some cash and just get this, the diffrence bewteen it and an SSD for gaming isn't worth the 300$ that a good SSD costs.
  14. Oh, yeah ... I got a little carried away ... That really is a "sShell Shocker ! " deal !

    ... Great drive. Great Price. I could make good use of that. I remember when 80GB drives cost that much ... incredible !
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