Should I buy another z68 mobo or a new z77?

Currently the board I have is a Asus P8Z68-V LX. Dont get me wrong its a great board however I cant SLI on this and im planning to sli x2 MSI 660 TI's. Im running a i5 2500k and maybe looking to upgrade to the I5 3570K however im not sure if its worth it? I do overclock and ive read that the new ivys dont overclock as much as sandys?

if it's not worth it im looking at another z68 board and just looking for opinions on whats the best z68 board for around £110
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  1. I would not upgrade to ivy from sandy total waste of money as for the best z68 mobo i prefer asus but this mobo is good it's over budget though so i don't know.
  2. over by 12 pound isnt a problem :) but are asroc boards any good been reading mixed reviews about them?
  3. Asrock is hit and miss imo like i mentioned i prefer asus but they charge a lot for their products compared to others if you can afford it get asus if not go for that board i linked.
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