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I have a question / problem that I need sorted out. I just bought this 2TB external hard drive, because I've been having problems with my 320GB external hard drive (full of files). All I want to do is take the files from the 320 and put it in the 2TB. But whenever I plug in the 320GB, it recognizes what it is, but refuses to show me how much is memory it has. In fact just trying to open the drive in My Computer freezes everything. Close to everything. Playing a song on iTunes, if it ever works its laggy, otherwise it just freezes. What I want to know is can I still get those files? Can I put the smaller external hard drive in my computer without formatting the thing? Or any other methods of getting these files from one to the other.
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  1. You need to use a copy/cloning utility that is capable of ignoring bad sectors. Opening the drive with "my computer" doesn't know how to gracefully fail when it encounters errors.
  2. Copying/cloning utilities? Like what?
  3. How will a program on my computer, read my external hard drive?
  4. K so I downloaded the easeus program. And when I plug it in, still nothing. Doesn't even know the hard drive is there
  5. Does the drive show up in the device manager? If not, the backup programs won't be able to see it either. If this is a laptop, you don't have many options. If this is a desktop, then try hooking the drive up internally as a secondary drive.
  6. Yeah I read in various places that I could use it as a second drive. Looks like that is what im going to do
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