P8600 V/S EE2220 @ 2.40GHz

hi guys,

i have a p8600 2.4ghz in my lap and my friend has E2220 @ 2.40GHz in lap got a rating of 6 in win7 64bits.anthe dual core guy got 5.8 in win 7 32 bit,just .2 point difference,Does it mean there is only a small difference between these two processor?

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  1. Both those chips you mentioned are dual core processors, so thats probably why you're not seeing a huge difference between the two scores. Also, the thing you have to watch with the Windows Experience Index is that it takes the lowest score from your individual components and uses this as the overall rating. You would have to look at just ratings for the processor if you wanted to compare the two. Hope this helps!
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    Well, W.E.I. doesn't mean that much to be honest, although it does mean that your laptop P8600 2.4GHz is faster than the older E2200 2.4GHz. The P8600 has triple the L2 cache and faster bus speed compared to the E2200.
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  4. Difnetly P8600 is better then E2200
    P8600 has 1067 MH
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