New computer built, need help with error


I've just recently bought a new system, self built. The specs are as follows:

CPU: Inter i5 750
Motherboard: ASUS P7P55D-LE
RAM: Kingston DDR 3 4GB
VGA: Asus Radeon 5850
OS: WIndows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

Everything was okay, but the system keeps on freezing at random time. I thought it was because of running multiple program, but it also froze when I am opening only one program (i.e. google chrome).

I only got the system today, and was hoping that anyone with more knowledge on this can help me on this issue.

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    Is your RAM running at it's rated speed and timings on the correct amount of voltage?

    To check this, you'll need to go into the BIOS.

    If not, that's usually the first thing to check.

    Did you overclock your system?
    Do you have all of the latest drivers installed?
    Is your Windows 7 Home Premium updated?
  2. It's likely the RAM. But I would check one thing first.

    Download Prime95 and RealTemp (links found in Step 10 of the "Step-by-Step Guide to Building a PC" sticky). Install them and run them at the same time. Let it run for at least an hour. Come back with the maximum temps.

    Next, go to and download the ISO file of MemTest86+. Burn it to CD. Then reboot and enter BIOS. Check the RAM settings against the manufacturer's specs for the exact sticks. It's EXTREMELY important to make sure the settings are EXACTLY the same. Then set the boot order to boot from the CD. Reboot and let it run overnight or through at least 7 passes. I'm willing to bet you get an error.
  3. Hi all,

    Thank you for the replies. I've updated the drivers as well as doing the windows update.

    I've been running the system non stop now for about 3 hours, and have yet to encountered anymore crashes. Hopefully that means problem solved.

    Thanks again to cscott_it and MadAdmiral for the help.

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