Monitor/computer turns off while playing certain games


I have this problem almost since i got my new pc components..Well, i played Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood when it first happened. The monitor 'turns off', its like someone unplugs it..few lines appear in the middle and poof..the sound is okay for about 10 seconds, then i only hear a sound freeze or something. If i reboot (manually), the monitor works as long as im not in windows. only way to get back to windows safely is to turn the pc off and on.
Certain games work fine. It is very random, depending on the game. For example when I played crysis, it only happened once throughout the whole game. When I played Sims 3, the crashes happened often and randomly. In case of Call of Juarez, it happens in about 20 minutes (exactly) intervals. After suffering through all this, it gave me a break. Perhaps I was just lucky to play games that didnt force my pc to do this..
But it is back now, and it has a new 'shape'. I played Mount & Blade (shitty game concerning graphics) and it happened again. I had a break then, and when I launched Left 4 Dead 2 few hours later, it happened again (NEVER happened to me before while playing L4D2). Well, i tried like 3 games, and all of them sooner or later 'crashed' like this. This is truly bad and i have no idea how to solve it.
I just remembered something..When I played ARMA II, these crashes ONLY happened when i was aiming with a sniper scope O.o
Similar thing happened with Mass Effect, except the game crashed ONLY when i was creating a character in main menu.
These 'clues' are ironically making me clueless.. Im no expert to this..
If you have any idea what could cause this, please respond.


PS: I dont know where exactly to post this problem, since the source of this problem is unknown to me...dont know whether this is a graphics card problem or not. My graphics card is ATI Radeon X1950, so ill just post it to ATI sub-category. Ill post more system details if someone asks for them.
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  1. pc specs please....
  2. Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 3800+, cpu speed 2009 MHz
    2048 MB ram
    Radeon X1950 Pro, X1950 Pro secondary, ATI Radeon graphics processor chipset
    ASUStek A8N-SLI DELUXE motherboard
    Win xp professional
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