Hi ATI 5770 budget mobo and AMD Processor Recommendation needed please

I've been trawling the articles/forums to find a budget AMD processor and mobo (+memory) that supports the the ATI 5770 . It would be nice if the mobo supported crossfire but we are on a very tight budget.
What do you guys recommend?
ive tried looking for bundle deals in the UK but nothing doing :-(
Many Thanks
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  1. What's your budget? And you do realize that ALL current boards will support the 5770, right?

    I would look into the X3 425 and Asus M4A79XTD EVO. For RAM, look into 1600 mhz CAS Latency 7 (timings 7-7-7-x) dual channel kits if you want to overclock. If you don't want to OC, grab some 1333 mhz CL 7 sticks.

    I have no idea on prices over there, but over here that should be about $300 (~200 pounds). If you can afford a bit more, switch the board to the Gigabyte GA-790XTA-UD4 if you want USB 3/SATA III support, or up the CPU to the X4 620, X4 925 or X4 955 unitl you hit the budget.
  2. Hi

    I was told that some boards would be more compatible(faster) with the 5770.
    Something to do with bus speeds/chip set manufacturers??? but the source wasnt that reliable and i couldnt find any info on it.
    So thanks for the info.... brilliant exactly what ive been trying to find out :-)

    Its for my son who is a very keen gamer, we are budgeting for around £300, squeezing a crossfire compatible mobo in would have been nice, but unrealistic i think.

    Is there anything special to be careful of with the case/psu (currently an old dell ) ?

    Many Thanks
  3. The PSU is likely very weak and poor quality. I'd definitely get a new one. 450W should be fine if you don't overclock the CPU and don't plan on adding many more parts. 550W would be perfect if you want to OC, but not Crossfire (two GPUs). 650W would be great for OCing and Crossfiring. Stick to Antec Earthwatts, Corsair, PC Power & Cooling, OCZ, SeaSonic or Silverstone to ensure you get a quality unit.

    As for the case, I would just make sure that it uses the standard ATX size. Sometimes they use a proprietary motherboard size. It should be alright though.
  4. Budget rigs and CF/SLI mobos dun go well for the most part so stick to a single GPU and upgrade gradually as per games resource need
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