Controller RAID and problem with boot windows xp from cd rom


I have bought raid controller Intel SASWT4I and mainboard GigabyteGA-EQ45M-S2 with buil-in raid function (it is disabled) and 6 sata ports.
I have installed controller into mainboard, build raid 1 array.
Now I'm trying install windows xp on it. In instruction is written that I have to boot windows, but I can't to do it. Windows doesn't start.
Cd rom is connected to sata port 0. When computer is starting, del, F12 commands are displayed, then ctrl+s (but as I have mentioned it is disable in bios), then ctrl+c and then status array is displayed and disks are listed. then machine stop all time. I can only go to controller bios by pressing ctrl+c.
I can't go to computer bios by pressing del too.
When I deinstall controller I can go to computer bios and windows installation starting correctly.
I have tried connect other cd rom to ide port but result is the same.
Does anyone help me install windows xp on raid array?

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  1. The RAID array needs drivers to work. For WinXP, the only way is to put the drivers onto a floppy disk, which means you need to obtain a floppy disk drive. If you go with Vista or 7, you can put the drivers on a USB memory stick or on another DVD drive.
  2. Yes. Drivers from diskette are loading by pressing F6. But first windows have to start installing.
    Here is the instruction:
  3. I've changed option boot in bios controller. Was: bios & OS , is: OS only.
    Windows have started install (formatted disk), but after first restart ( after copying files) is the same situation as at the beginn.
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