Can somebody please check my set-up and let me know what they think

Intel core i7 920 - planning to OC to around 3.8GHz
Rampage II Extreme
Corsair Dominator 6gb @ 1600Hz
2X GTX 275's
Antec 1200
Antec signature 850W
Western Digital Caviar Black WD1001FALS 1TB
Cooler Master V8

Thinking about a 24" Benq monitor, Habu mouse, Logitech G110 keyboard, and a couple of combo DVD/Bluray burners.

Any feedback is appreciated
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  1. change the HDD to a samsung spinpoint F3 1TB, that CM v8 isn't a great cooler for the ci7 920, maybe get a thermalright ultra 120 extreme or a prolimatech megashadow and some decent fans.

    For the price of those GTX275's you could get a HD5870 or almost 2 x 5850's Both options would use less power, produce less heat have DX11 and eyefinity.
    The HD5870 would be slightly slower than 2 x 275's but IMO the pro's outweight the con's.

    You don't need a Ranpage II Extreme if your only overclocking to 3.8Ghz, you could get a much cheaper motherboard and still get 3.8Ghz. Also corsair dominator RAM is overpriced
  2. i picked the r2e because i can get it cheaper then my original choice p6t deluxe v2. i have changed to 2x HD5850's, and changed my fan to the thermalright ultra 120 extreme. i have tried getting parts through newegg but they only ship in america and i live in australia so that is my biggest issue. would the r2e fit in the antec 1200 though? i have heard it is slightly bigger than other mobos. thanks for your reply :)
  3. Yeah you'll have no problem fitting everthing in your antec 1200, make sure you get some quality thermal paste aswell, like arctic silver 5 or MX-2
  4. ok thanks heaps. now i can finally get my parts ordered and start building
  5. no freakin' worries, have fun.
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