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I am wondering what would be the best graphics card for running Second Life the virtual world and this is a specific question for someone familiar with Second LIfe. It can't be compared with WOW or games because the level of detail is intense when you get inside and run it versus just looking at the low rez pics used for advertising it. I have been told the Nvidia cards run faster and are better than some other cards causing me to believe that that Second LIfe may be optimized for Nvidia cards. I am really looking for someone who has run SL with the settings all turned on high and fully optimized vs someone who plays games and is volunteering thier opinion of what they think would be a good card. Since there are millions of people using Second Life everyday a graphic card test by Tom's would be awesome and valued by many many people. I have run Second Life almost daily for three years and would like to build a desktop system optimized for SL so valid feedback would be highly appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. I run SL on the NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT graphics card and have great results. Better than some of the people I know who use other cards.
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