2133Mhz Z77 advice

I recently picked up 16GB of Corsair Dominator memory thats rated for 2133Mhz.

The motherboard I'm using an Asus P8Z77-V and a 2600k CPU.

I am able to get the memory to run at 1866Mhz but not 2133Mhz.

I was hoping some could give me some advice on the best way to go about getting the memory to run at its rated speed.

I've heard that Sandy Bridge can be finicky when it comes to high performance memory. Is there any truth to this?

Thanks for your response in advance!
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    did you try xmp profile setting in the bios?
  2. Sooth1 said:
    did you try xmp profile setting in the bios?

    It worked!

    Seems to be running very stable thus far.

    I couldn't even get it to POST previously.

    Thank You
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