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My dad's PC is getting a little slow so I recommended he get an SSD to breathe some life into his computer. I got the crucial m4 64 gig as a boot drive and I love it.

I'm wondering, what drive should he get for around $60-120? He has like 4 HDD's so space isn't an issue though I'm thinking it should be 60-64 gigs. Performance is the top priority. So should I get another crucial for his computer or what? Thanks.
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  1. What OS does he have? I would suggest nothing smaller than 80GB if he wants to not worry [much] about space when loading programs.
    Another thing that may improve his performance is adding RAM. If he has 2GB or less, bring him up to 4GB; he'll see a difference, even if he has a 32bit OS and can only see 3.2GB-3.5GB of it.
  2. OCZ also makes good SSDs , They Have VERTEX 3 series ( high end ) and midrange Agility 3
  3. I think it's win 7 home premium, I am not sure if it's 32 bit or 64 but I am pretty sure he has 4 gigs of ram. The computer was pretty fast when he first got it but has gotten slow, I think that means it's a problem with the HDD.

    It's not because of viruses or anything like that, just a lot of programs on a slow HDD so the performance has gone down.

    @Skywalker - so you would recommend the vertex 3 over the Crucial m4? And keep in mind it can't cost more than like 120$
  4. As many complaints I've seen about their firmware, I wouldn't touch an OCZ SSD with a ten foot pole. Maybe some of it is the occasional dud (happens to everyone), and more might be due to noob mistakes, but all of them? There are just too many. I'd go Intel or Mushkin, maybe G.Skill.
  5. So for around 100$, crucial M4 is the best?
  6. If your looking for an SSD, I suggest one of the following: Intel, Crucial, Corsair or Samsung.
    The new Intel 520 is the best on the market right now. Its fast and reliable with a 5 year warranty.

    Also , I wouldn't get anything smaller that a 120/128 GB. You will appreciate the real estate later on and the performance is better the bigger the drive.

    Go to Newegg and read the owners comments, you will get a good idea of whats out there and their real world performance from people.

    Good Luck
  7. well never had a problem with OCZ but if u guys say so , then i must be lucky ;)
    i even read in TomsHardware "Best SSD For the Money" that Agility III and the Vertex III 120G wwere both of their recommended models .
    the M4 have Low Write speed for a Sata III SSD ...
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