On using Blower fan my card just work in one game....HD 4870

My card XFX ati radeon 4870 1 GB crashes on game after 2 or 3 min....and i not the temp it was 80c before exit by using another display monitor. Then after that i use blower fan of Foxconn having 4000RPM is it will work in just one game which was COWMW-2 and when i try to play dirt-2 it will crash again with the white screen.

but if m not use blower fan then my card crash on every game after 2 or 3 min. i also chk this card on another motherboard but the results seems same.
so what do i do can i return my card to manufacturer...
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  1. Visit the XFX website here, select your region/language, login and begin the Return Merchandise Authorization process,
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