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Ive been looking to build a rig for a couple of months now and i found this on ebay. I was wondering if anyone would shed some info about the CPU and Ram please.
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  1. Personally, I've always been dubious about buying from EBay. That bundle is exceptionally cheap and would undoubtedly be a good buy, but it does beg the question why is it so cheap. It almost makes you think that something must be wrong with it for the price to be so low. The seller already states that he has overclocked this to 3.6GHz so you know already that this CPU has been put through its paces. It may well be fine but I would be having doubts. The same applies to the memory.

    The other thing is that the C2Qs utilise a socket that is now dead. No more new CPUS are being developed for that socket so you lose a big upgrade path there immediately.

    The choice is yours, you may get lucky and bag a good deal but personally I would be having doubts.
  2. Same as above almost seems too good to be true and chances are it is. As I said, its up to you though, you may get lucky!
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