5.9 score with windows 7...very impossible...ideas?

Hey everyone im just wondering i built my new pc yesturday which consist of

6gb ddr3 memory 1600
ati radeon 5870
intel processcor i7 920
10000rpm velicoty raptor (os)
2 500gb for data 7200 rpm (data)

Now i expected 7.7 all across the board but instead i got

7.7 memory
7.7 cpu
6.0 graphics
5.9 harddrive

How is it possible to have a 6.0 on grahics and 5.9 harddrive? I had a 7.1 before with my 8800gtx card lol any ideas?
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  1. By "before" you mean in Vista?

    Win 7 takes into consideration SSD now so if you really want your hard drive score to be above 5.9 you must install a SSD as your primary drive.
  2. Oh, and buy a better video card. The 8800GTX was not the fastest card available when Win 7 was released which explains your 6.0 score.
  3. I belive that 5.9 is the highest standard HDDs can go. That said, the VR was a HORRIBLE choice. They're beaten by the 500 GB platter drives (Samsung F3, Seagate 7200.12 500 GB or 1 TB) in pretty much every benchmark AND are a three times the price of the F3 and Seagate. Had you not gotten that, you probably could have gotten the HD 5970, which would have eliminated the second question...

    I don't particularly think the Windows score is a good benchmark anyway. Try running some of the real benchmarks from Step 10 of the Step-by-Step Guide to Building a PC such as 3D Mark Vantage. These will actually give you a score that shows a (more) real world application.

    However, the 5870 doesn't seem to fair very well in synthetic benchmarks. Just check out it's scores in the charts section. I believe that in the synthetics, it gets beaten by the 5770. That doesn't actually mean the 5770 is a better card, it's just better in an artificially created testing program. The 5870 is vastly superior in real world, gaming uses.

    So to summarize it all: You overpaid for a POS boot HDD and you shouldn't care what score Windows gave your awesome GPU.

    @jaguar: He's running it with the HD 5870...
  4. i think you mis understood me... before on windows 7 i had a 8800gtx for the past 2 years...and a 7200rpm harddrive for my os...and my grahics were about a 7.1. yesturday i rebuilt a new pc with a 10000rpm velocity raptor...and a new ati radeon 5870...one of the best cards on the market...and it gets a 6.0 There is no way i should be getting a 6.0 in the grahics and the harddrive mhm if i take ssd into account fine then an ssd gets a 7.0 scores or higher...and then raptors would get 6-8 - 7.2 roughly...it makes no sense with a 7200rpm to get same score at 10000rpm...when its 35 percent better
  5. thans for the reply madadmiral but i know alot of people have hatred towards the raptors, but i like them and seen by my own testing that they are better then the 7200rpm drives 80 percent of people use...yes there are better drives that might out perform the velcityratpor like SSD and such, but these new velocity raptors are even better when they benchmarked them against the older raptors from last year...and as i said if i had a 7200rpm drive with 5.9 score...a 10000rpm raptor is much superior to it...and doesnt desever the same score...and as far as grahics...the 5870 (came out in september 2009) after doing alot of research is one of the best cards out...and even beat out the current best nvivida gtx 295 in 5 out of 10 games tested in reviews ive seen...so there is no way my 8800gtx gets a 7.1 and the 5870 gets a 6.0... but thanks for ur help and input thats just my 2 sense....

    P.S. i know windows tests dont matter but it still fun to see u get a good score
  6. I don't care if you THINK you've done your own testing. You probably haven't done it with the new drives. If so, you're doing it wrong...

    RPMs mean very little to HDDs. The reason the 500 GB platter drives are better is that they are 500 GB platter drives. The platter is the size of data that can be stored on a single disk in the HDD (you know those silver round things that actually store the data). A larger platter means the data is more dense, increasing read and write speeds.

    It also decreases the number of platters needed in one HDD, which in turn, decreases the number of heads needed to read/write the data. Fewer heads means lower heat and noise.

    Currently, the largest platters are 500 GB. There are 5 drives that use them. The Samsung Spinpoint F3 (500 GB and 1 TB), Seagate 7200.12 (500 GB and 1 TB) and the Western Digital Caviar Black 2 TB.

    BTW, you WOULD have known this if you had looked at some benchmarks or at least read any of the New Build threads in the past 6 months.
  7. ok smartass i asked for help not your attiude and wise comments..if u want to be a wise ass dont bother asking and move along...i did my research..i work for an IT company and i know exactly what im talking about...if u took the time to read my post above...i said there are a few drives out there( as the ones u mentioned) that would beat the raptors...BUT raptors are better then about 85 percent of hd on the market...if u want a link to a review of the raptors...and benchmarks...that show that these raptors are better then most harddrive...save a couple and SSD drives...i would glady prove my point further

    Anywayz, can someone exaplin to me my orignal question...as stated in my first post...about the gpu im using and why a 6.0 is being given for one of the best cards out int he market.
  8. so far after research i found the answer to the harddrive...and its that unless u have SSD or Raid setup you cannot score higher then a 5.9...even some SSD score 5.9...guess microsoft doesnt know how to organize their ratings....lets see if i can come up with an answer for the grahics problem now
  9. found my answer...i installed 9.2.1 video drivers...which have a problem with windows 7 rating that drops its 2 that score...if u install 10.2 the problem will be fixed and go back up to 7.8...makes more sense..this forum can be closed thanks for the inputs.
  10. Nj, a few talking points here.

    The Velociraptor is a nice drive, don't let anyone tell you different. Problem is, it's overpriced. My Seagate 500GB beats it in almost every benchmark out there, and I paid 52 dollars for it at a Best Buy sale.

    As far as the Windows 7 WEI scores go, they're fun to look at and play with, but aren't always a good indicator of actual system performance. My 8800GTX gets a 6.9, and it's ~3 years old. While we're on the topic of 8 series cards, can you show me a link where a G80 GPU beats a GTX295? It would be interesting to see, just for reference. I've been thinking about replacing my 8800GTX, but if it beats out a 500 dollar GPU, I might reconsider.
  11. i can agree they are overpriced...but its better them most drives and comapring it to my other 2 drivers 7200rpm i have when i use to install my os on them and run games...when i started using raptors my games/apps loading 35 percent quicker...so for me it was worth it...sure its not the best in the world...but much better then tradiontnal drivers

    and here is a link to the 5870 beating the gtx295 in a few benchmarks:


    some times the gtx beats the radeon but other times vice versa...which is why i went with 5870 for lesser money for pretty close to the same performance.
  12. Ah, my mistake there. I thought you were trying to say the 8800GTX beat the GTX295, which would be incredibly interesting to see.
  13. lmao no where near in hell lmao...i had the 8800gtx sli 2 of them and still couldnt get crysis on high res and very high running better then like 10-18fps now with this card at all high i average about 45-50fps
  14. Really? I can run Crysis at 1680x1050 at high with some AA at ~25-30FPS with a single 8800GTX @ 647/2052
  15. right..but i was referring to 19200 resolution all at very high settings with dx10 and anti liasing enabled...ran like crap on my 88800gtx n now all that at 45-50fps =]
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