Hey Guys, Please Help,

I bought:
-MSI PRO-E Motherboard,
-3 x 2GB DDR3-1333 Transcend RAM,
-ATI Vapour-X 5770 Graphics Card,
-1TB Segatebarracuda Harddrive,
-650W Coolermaster Extreme Power Plus PSU etc and build my pc.

I used the pc for one week without any problems but now it restarts every lets say 1 out of 7 times when I swich it on. It dosent even start to load Windows then is just restarts and the screen will also have no display. Then I just put it off and on then it works again.

I took the PC to my supplyers for the warrantys but the just said that the pc is working fine but it might be the RAM thats not compatible with the motherboard or something and Recomended Apacer RAM.

What do you guys reccomend??

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  1. Did you build this system yourself? If so, this guide is the place to start troubleshooting:

    I know its for boot issues etc but most of the steps for a problem like this still applies.

    I can't find the exact make and model of your motherboard to check compatibility. I'm assuming its the X58 Pro-E but there are a few other models about under the Pro-E name. Although I can't imagine that incompatible RAM could cause this problem since as you said it was working fine for a week before. Go through everything on that list and double check that everything is seated and installed correctly and we'll go from there. Good luck!
  2. Hey Moody89 Thanx so much.

    I didnt build the PC myself but I do know a few things when it comes to PC's.
    I Cheked the list and everything is working and fine so everything should work.

    I Just cant find the Voltage my RAM should run at.(So I can chek it in my BIOS)
    Cause I maby thought that is could be that my RAM is running on an to high voltage as Core i7 must ram on 1.65V or lower.
    Do you think that could be the problem??

    Or I am running Windows XP 32-Bit SP2. Do you thin that could be it as I am running 6GB of RAM??

    I dont think is a boot broblem as the PC would boot 6 out of 7 times and I can Game for hours,.......

    Thanx for all your help.
  3. Running a 32-bit OS shouldn't cause problems like this. You just won't be able to utilise the full 6GB of memory. You should definitely think about upgrading to Win7 64-bit though since you have 2-3GB of RAM sat there collecting dust ;)

    I checked the memory compatibility page for the MSI X58 Pro-E and I'm certain your memory was listed there so that shouldn't be an issue either. I have tried finding the nominal voltage for your RAM too but can't seem to find this info anywhere. 1.65V is about the norm for DDR3 memory so it seems ok, but maybe you could try adjusting the memory voltage in the BIOS just to see if it does make a difference.
  4. Okey to what Voltage do you think?? 1.6V or lower??

    And im verry sorry i cheked I have the X58M motherboard from MSI.
    Ooops sorry.
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