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I have a gigabyte GA-EX58-UD4P and while playing Aion online the whole system just shut down on me and my computer won't turn on anymore. On the motherboard the overload leds are on and everytime i try and turn on the computer they turn on and stay on. please help as I have already changed the motherboard and i still have the same problem I'm also thinking it might be the power supply but I'm not sure.
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  1. can you try it with a known good psu?
    can you boot up ok, or does it just stick/hang?
  2. No the computer wont turn on at all. I don't have an extra psu.
  3. Ok, assuming your house power socket is fine, and you feel confident enough to do the following,
    take your psu out of the case, plug it in the wall socket (BUT DONT SWITCH ON) short the green wire to one of the black wires with a paperclip then switch it on, if its fine it will start up, this helps determine your psu is working but only at idle, not on a load state,
    more troubleshooting here:http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/288241-13-read-posting-buyer-guides-troubleshooting
    section Three is the one you want to work through mate (it includes details on the psu trick as well)
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