Using 32bit formated drive in 64bit systems

I NTFS formatted a brand new WD 2TB drive and populated it with data using a Windows XP 32Bit system. The drive now had a remainder of 283GB useable. I hooked the drive up to a Windows Vista 64Bit system. Diskmanager shows the drive as healthy and the appropriate size. I was unable to access or view the data and a I/O error occured. Am I missing something, should I have initialized the drive when hooked up the Vista system?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. The OS (XP-32bit or Vista-64bit) should not make a difference.

    however being your XP machine is older it may not be able to see such a large drive (motherboard limitation)

    Try doing a bios update of the XP's motherboard.
  2. Actually check for bios update for the Vista64bit system..
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