Random annoying accurance of bluescreens and unexplained crashing help

Hello there,

I have not so long bought three new parts for my system. These new parts are marked New.

The problem is that when i got the new motherboard it gradually started to play up on me. At first it was fine for a couple uses but then id get random system crashes when watching a youtube video or playing a game. The screen would just cut off immediatly then do a system restart or give me a blue screen. I think these things started to happen when i updated the bios to 1601. Ive changed the bios down to 1501 and at first the crashing and issues had dissapear but after again a few uses and then they started to happen randomly. Ive sent this motherboard back to ebuyer returns department and they say theres nothing wrong with the motherboard. Ive got everything up to date i have kept my motherboard at factory defualts apart from date and time and turned off onboard sound. I Have no idea why it does this. Sometimes after a while it be perfectly fine id be playing games and watcing HD videos for hours and there be not a hitch. Then id turn the computer back on again and it crash almost every time i watch a video or cut me off during a game and send me into a blue screen. It would also sumtimes fail a restart and the screen would just stay blank with no response. Ive cleared RTCs and everything. I just dont know what to do with it anymore. Can any of you guys sujjest anything i can do to help ressolve these wierd and seriously annoying problems im havening to deal with? Any help will be most appreciated thanks :)

Oh and just to help a bit ill list what ive done already.

Things i have done so far
Formated harddrives and reinstalled windows 7 and fully updated.
Sent motherboard of for replacement and failed
Cleared RTC Ram.
tesrted with older hardware like Ati radeo 4850 and AMD 6000+ without a problem ressolved
Used software to find drivers that may need updating but carnt find any drivers that software has asked me to update
I have done Harddrive error checking with one of my harddrives so far with no issues found
I have gone through all the hardware componants on my system to see if my computer has detected any problems but nothing has been found. The only messages i get are windows has unexpectely quit or hit a blue screen and that its related to device or driver issues. If hardware isnt fualt according to ebuyer testers then this may be a software issue.

Oh and one last thing i dont know how t disable the on board graphics chip i get three options.

etc. its liek that any way and there for of them, thats not accurate but i think you can guess what it means i hope :S

I currently have it with GFXO at the front since thats factory defualts. Ill update this as thingas go forward :)

-System Specs-
Operating system - Windows 7 64bit home edition
Processor - AMD Phenom X4 965 @ 3.4ghz (stock)- New-
RAM -4GB Corsiar DDR2 XMS2 800mhz
Motherboard - Asus M4A78-VM MATX AM2+ -New-
Graphics Card- XFX ATI Radeon 5870 1GB GDDR5 (Core = 850mhz memory = 1200mhz) - New-
Power Supply- Aopen 880W
Harddrives - Maxtor 250GB (running operating system & main system programs) & Samsung F3 1TB (media & games etc.)
Sound Card - Asus DS Xonar
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  1. Have you checked that the RAM is set to the manufacturer's specs in BIOS? If not, do that. Then go to memtest.org. Download the ISO file for MemTest86+. Burn it to CD. Reboot and set the computer to boot from the CD in BIOS. Restart and let that run overnight or through at least 7 passes.

    BSOD are usually caused by faulty parts and/or RAM issues. So this would test the most likely source.

    However, another potential problem cause is that POS PSU. I don't care that is SAYS it has enough power for the PC. It probably doesn't. Even if it did, I wouldn't be surprised if the power supplied fluctuates and causes the crashing. The only real way to check this is to swap it out for a QUALITY unit.
  2. try using the rams one at a time and booting
  3. i tried the download rom ISO to disc then setting it to boot to disc. i got nothing but problems, it kept crashing at bios just for changing tit to boot to disc. Then when it did boot to disc it whent to freedos mode or what everr that is. i dont know any dos command and i dont kow how to use dos at all. I tried restarting and things but every time i tried changibng boot devices around Bios would crash before i had the chance or sumtimes the screen would just stay blank. it even crashes before the first logo at the begging of start up happens sumtimes. ive opened up the computer and cleared RTC had everything back to defaultsd again. It did cut me out of desktop again and failed a restart, but im bck again finally. ITs very strange. im an absolute newb when it comes to situations like this. Maybe it is the powersupply but then i think about when i used lesser demanding hardware like the 4850 it would crash and behave the same. im still gunna try do sum more memory tests hopefully. burn a new disc or sumit and try again but im starting to think this is hopeless and maybe a new powersupply or motherboard is in order.
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