Help needed on ddr3 and ddr2

i have intel dg965ry motherboard on which i have 2gb kingston ddr2 ram and im planning 4 a
graphics card but i m confused abt the ddr2 and ddr3 versions of graphics card ,motherboard has
a pci express x16 slot can i use ddr3 version of any graphics card,.,which card will b da best
to play gta4.thnks
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  1. DDR3 is better than DDR2. What kind of ram you have in your system is entirely irrelevant to the ram on your video card. As long as you have a PCIe x16 slot you should be able to use any PCIe video card(as long as your power supply can handle it.)
    If you tell use your budget and your resolution we can tell you what cards you should be looking at.
  2. well my budget is abt $150 and my power supply is 420watts,,so which nvidia or ati
    card will easily play gta4 crysis type games on high settings,........
  3. You didn't say your resolution but the best card for around $150 is the HD5770. If your resolution is below 1680x1050 though cards closer to $100 should still be very good.
  4. my res is below1680x1050,,.thanks a lot ,but i just want 2 ask which is da best for gaming nvidia or ati,
  5. If your resolution is below 1680x1050 then this is an excellent deal;
    It should perform very well and will be ok for your 420w PSU. Like almost all decent card it does need a 6 pin PCIE power connector however. Your PSU may or may not have one and if not you will need an adapter as from the pics I don't believe one is included.
    As for Nvidia vs ATI which is better depends on what cards you are comparing but in general right now Nvidia's card over $100 are overpriced for their performance compared to their ATI counterparts.
  6. thanks ur advice helped me alot
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