I have two graphic cards and need to disable one?

Hey, I've never wrote here before so excuse me if I'm doing things wrong. I have two graphic card s in my computer currently. One, is a newer graphic card and the other, is older and came with the computer(I think it's an ati radeon.) I was just wondering where I go in my computer, and once I get there, how to disable the radeon. Thanks!
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  1. What is the model number of your computer? Can you give us more information about the two graphics cards? Is the radeon an integrated card or discrete, as well as what the other one is. If its discrete then youll have to enter the computers BIOS and disable it form there, enter the BIOS by pressing DEL or one of the F keys(F9?) when you see the computer going thourgh the POST when its strating up.
  2. Okay, I looked on my computer :P It's an emachine T6520 the ATI radeon is an xpress 200 and the one that I just put in is a sort of nvidia. Does that help?
  3. Yes, that ati 200 is an integrated graphics chip on your motherboard and in order to disable it you need to enter the motherboards BIOS.
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