Need a cheapest pc ,But dont need an AtoM!

Hi guys one of my friend need a new pc, for lite gaming must support NFS carbon, Farcry etc

Parts not required:keybord,mouse,monitor,Speaker

Only case and hardware inside it1

He dont need an atom processor bundle, and his budget is abt RS 15000 INR


graphics card is not required,Only a good nvidia or intel chipset and Intel or amd ,Ur choice!
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  1. processor (Dualcore is a dumb processor)

    Core2Duo E7500 - Rs.5475
    Dualcore E5400 - Rs.3000

    mobo(you can go for DDR2 ram using mobo)

    INTEL G41 DG41KR(ddr3) - Rs.4600 RAM - 2Gb(Kingston-1333) - Rs.2900
    INTEL G41 DG41TY(ddr2) - Rs.3700- 2Gb(dynet-667) - Rs.2000

    any Good smps(400 or 500watts) - Rs.1000-2000

    Dvddrive - any good dvddrive which is DVDRW

    hard drive

    Seagate - 500gb-Rs.2470

    your low end pc would be Rs.13000 aprox
    i would recommend getting Core2Duo
    and a good graphics card for gaming
    with these setting you cant play farcry at max!
  2. I wouldn't touch a Core2Duo. It's on a dead socket right now. You don't really save anything over an AM3/DDR3 build, and you lose any opportunity to upgrade.

    I'd look into the Athlon II X2 240 and a cheap AM3 (NOT AM3/AM2+) board. Get a 2x1 GB kit of any cheap CAS Latency 7 RAM, preferrably 1333 mhz or higher.

    I wouldn't get anything under either the Samsung Spinpoint F3 500 GB or Seagate 7200.12 500 GB HDD.

    For the PSU, get a nice 450W Corsair or Antec unit.

    Tack on the cheapest SATA DVD burner you can find.

    You will not be able to play any games with just onboard graphics. You will need a discrete GPU for gaming. I'm not to sure on prices over there, but try to get an HD 48xx series, or if you can stretch it, an HD 5770. Check out this article for a ranking of GPUs by price and by power (the hierarchy chart). Get the most powerful one you can afford.
  3. Lucky - unlock Rana X3 to Propus X4
    Very Lucky - unlock Rana X3 to Deneb X4 :P

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  4. batuchka said:

    I dont need ddr3 coz its not available at my place, and dont need a high end psu those things are not avil here :sarcastic: ,U know if once i went to a retailer and ask abt antec and Some coolermaster case fans ,He said it is not available :cry: here and they said coolermaster is the best PSU manufacturer n the world! :pt1cable: :lol: :lol:
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