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Is it safe to undervolt your CPU at it's stock speeds? I have an AMD Phenom X4 9950 that I turned the C'n'Q off because it was too cumbersome for me. I don't OC it because it can be a hot CPU and I only have the stock heat sink. Currently at 2.8 Ghz that CPU VID is set at 1.3. Could I safely lower that to a stable voltage while maintaining 2.8 Ghz? What would 1.25V do for the system? Are there any power savings in undervolting? Maybe ppl who have experience w/ the 9950 could give me some tips..
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  1. Your processor has a nominal voltagerange of 1.05-1.30V as can be seen here:


    So you should be fine as long as you're in this range. I don't have any experience with your particular chip but undervolting does help save some power and in theory I guess it could also keep your temps lower.

    If it were me I would drop it down incrementally. You should be safe jumping to 1.2V but from there I would lower incrementally to 1.05V just to ensure everything is stable. I personally wouldn't go lower than the minimum of 1.05V though. Good luck!
  2. oops I just realized the stock speed is 2.6 Ghz, not 2.8, my bad lol
  3. AMDnoob said:
    oops I just realized the stock speed is 2.6 Ghz, not 2.8, my bad lol

    Shouldn't make much of a difference...it still has the same voltage range. Try it and see what you can do. It may be worth having a look through the following article:


    I know it says Phenom II chips but the same general principles should still apply. Hope this helps!
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