I want no lag's when i playing!



Well I am currently very bevsiken on my experiences in the game because I'm going to go for big things namely "Gameplay's" via youtube when I play and when you want to have ADD-FREE IN THEIR GAMES 100%! I have not because I do not want to start shooting if I do not have lag free in game that Tex BF3, Black Ops 2, Blops 1 and heavier game in DX11. I've seen in youtube where people post nice gameplays in FULL HD not scaled down in resolution (View) but and they run the highest of any solid judgment films but for me it will be lag when I did not even film it makes me *** down and sad . : (

I have since last year bought an Ultimate Game jar. So it was 580, 2600K, 16GB Ram and 2TB, 5400rpm. but I upgraded because I thought it was the hard drive that was the problem so I bought 2x 1TB WD Caviar Black 7200Rpm.
The increased type only speed and loading times and performance minimally bit only. So I thought ye in July on 2x GTX 680 could save problem said and done I bought and 2x 680 and it became huge performance difference, before I could never run anything in MAX MAX but now it went but sometimes, depending on the game and players in multiplayer so he number dropped FPS'en enormously and then I thought about overclocking could help but it helped tiny bit only and the next thing SSD THE GAME when expectations were high and I hoped and prayed that it would work otherwise it's the last time I do this again.

When I recently bought in Oct SSD'en a "Samsung 830 series - 512GB" so happened that I had expected BUT there any faster and I could keep up with more but the performance was not up at the top just loading times every crappy fast, it did not so much but then I thought, if I were to try and produce Gameplays still there every down, but I'm still not satisfied I would not scaled down the resolution in the program to get lag free all others who have less components can handle it how splendidly that time but not me.

Most recently, I post this to Battlelog so said a guy that I should bytat ill 3'e-Gen Intel processor for better bandwidth to 680 and i7 2600k is not balanced.

I have done all this!

1: Installs always newest drivers!
2: Shutting down the V-Sync in any game, and the NVIDIA Control Panel.
3: Tested to switch to SATA 6GB's to SSD'n not marvel circuit that many have lost the performance of.
4: The processor overclocked high from 3.4GHz to 4.0 and 4.5 now.
5: I looked closely and I do not feel micro-Stutt!!!

For an easier understanding of my problem, I say.

Others who have less parts than I could max out and shoot at the same time it can not, I do not even max out the display cases or filming while they can, though I have been more powerful.

My Components:

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium x64
CPU: Intel Core i7 2600k 3.4GHz @ 4.5Ghz - H80 water cooling!
GPU: 2x MSI GeForce GTX 680 Lightning 2GB SLI (Was: GTX 580 2011.)
MOBO: Asus P8P67 Deluxe "B3"
Optical Drive: Samsung SH-222AB, SATA Black OEM
SSD: OCZ Vertex 2 120GB SSD (Boot Disk)
SSD2: Samsung 830 Series 512GB (Game Disk)
HDD1: 2TB Western Digital Caviar Green 5400rpm (Used for storage of movies and pictures)
HDD2: 1TB Western Digital Caviar Black 7200rpm (Program)
HDD3: 1TB Western Digital Caviar Black 7200rpm (Used Fraps / DxTory / PlayClaw 3)
PSU: Corsair HX 850W
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  1. "bevsiken" is "disappointed" im used translation so it's been wrong word!
  2. Have you ever tried running single card? While you do have quite the system there; you are running a P67 board. So those two cards are just eating away at bandwidth and there's probably a nice bottleneck right there.

    Try running a single 680 and see what happens. The 2600k runs excellent with a GTX680 in a slot. What the guy meant was that the Sandy Bridge setup doesn't support true PCI Express 3.0 So.. You need to switch to Ivy to get the gains of that. That will require a new motherboard and processor however.

    So try what I said, drop one of the cards and see if the performance is more "natural" running the PCI Express 2.0 lane at 16x and see if it works better than the 2 680's @ 8x each. Let me know if that has a good affect.
  3. Drivers?

    There's no point of getting PCIE 3.0 for the 680, this is because that card can't fully take advantage fo PCIE 2.0 yet!
  4. You're right Muffin, but running on the SB chipset the two 680's will default to 8x/8x and they can and will eat the bandwidth of that board. Single card it won't but with two powerful 680's it sure can.
  5. Thanks for your answer!
  6. What should I do on the way?

    1: Just shut down the SLI I "Sli re giving mode"?


    2: Remove from PCI espresso?

    I have tried before to run one card and then became less performance and lag
  7. One thing I want to remind you!

    I said that the second running SLI with inferior components have better flow than me so it should not be SLI is wrong!

    That's what I'm looking for answers to "HOW OTHERS HAVE BETTER SURFACE anyway COURT RUN WORSE THAN COMPONENTS ME?"
  8. Well what I'm saying here is that first, PCI 2.0 can run the pair of 680's; but they may be a bit bottle necked on the 8x/8x setup in SLi. What I meant was literally pull one of the cards out of the system and give her a test run. I doubt it'd help, but it's worth a shot you know? It'd cause a single card to run at 16x and give it more than enough bandwidth to run at full speed even overclocked to heck and back.

    Second, I have read where some games on SLi with the 680/670's can have issues. This is the other reason I suggested trying a single card for a few.

    Try running unigine heaven's benchmark and see what kind of scores you get and tell me how it performs with one and two cards in the slot.


    That will give you an idea of the performance and will actually show if there's much of an issue with the PCI lanes being clogged in SLi. Either way, knowing what you see there can be a big help.

    Also tell me these things.

    What resolution are you running at?
    How many monitors are you running?
    Have you overclocked the GPU's at all?

    If you're running at 1920x1080p and the games you mentioned? Just one of those cards should run at 60FPS with Vsync turned on and probably never drop during gameplay on max settings.

    Also, if you haven't tried yet. Try completely reinstalling the nVidia drivers using the option to do a clean install. If that still doesn't help; try installing some older drivers. Drivers can be a pita on occasion.

    On paper, that system should run any game at 2560x1600 resolution on absolutely max settings without dropping frames under 60 in any circumstance. So there's a problem somewhere; we just have to find it.
  9. Some games' s lag caused by the hard driver slow running. Although the graphic card and CPU is the main point.
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