What PSU to buy for my old PC so I can sell it?

My old PC's PSU fried, since then I've built my fresh new one, my old one has just been sat in the cupboard doing nothing so I plan to put a new PSU in there and sell it. Thing is, what PSU? I've looked around at many people selling second hand PCs and one of the most common questions they seem to ask is what PSU does it have, so I guess it's quite important to a lot of people, wanna make sure I pick the right one.

Its specs
ASRock ALiveXFire-eSATA2 motherboard
AMD Athlon x2 4600+ 2.4Ghz
2x1GB DDR2 6400 RAM
1x IDE DVD-RW + 1x IDE DVD-R Drive
Palit HD4650 1GB Graphics card
PCI D-Link Wireless N card

I was looking at the Antec Basiq BP-430, can be had for just £32 and it seems to be enough wattage to accommodate the PC plus some upgrades. Any other ideas?
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  1. I don't really like the Basiqs. They aren't very high quality. Look into a 650W Corsair, Antec Earthwatts or TruePower, SeaSonic, OCZ (700W), PC Power & Cooling, or Silverstone. If you get any of these, it would be large enough for some big upgrades (like Crossfired GPUs) and the quality would allow you to carry it on to the next build.
  2. Really, the Basiq would probably be ok if you're selling the machine and don't intend on transferring it for anything, but it might be better to look to Corsair. Their value for the dollar is quite good I've found.
  3. He's trying to sell the machine. That PSU you're looking at isn't the crappiest thing ever which is what most people get anyway, so I'd say it'd be fine. You just need something better than terrible, and anything from antec will fit that bill. It's not like he'll ever even be using it.
  4. You really wont need anything over 500W and a brand like Seasonic is what you need. Seasonic manufactures for Cosair, Antec, and even the new XFX PSUs. They are a solid company and really reliable. Seasonic 430W: this one
    Antec 450W: Or this one

    Those are solid choices.
  5. Wow, I had no idea SeaSonic were the original manufacturers of Corsair/Antec PSUs. How come Antec and Corsair seem to be so much cheaper than SeaSonic?
    But yeah anyway, thanks for the advice everyone, I think I'll go with my original idea and go for the Antec Basiq, I want it as cheap as possible, but for people who want to buy the PC, to be able to recognise the PSU as a good make.
    But yeah, thanks all ^_^
  6. Since you're done give best answer to somebody.
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