What Clock Speed & Voltage For My CPU ?

Hey guys , was wondering what your advice was for me to overclock my CPU? I've got an AMD Bulldozer FX4170 @4.2Ghz ( Stock ) but I've overclocked it to @4.4Ghz. I'm using an Arctic Cooling Freezer XTREME Rev.2 to cool my system down.

Was wondering what voltages I should use & what clock speed I can go up to whilst maintaing a good temperature? Idle is about 30 & max I hit is about 49 ~ 50 degrees Celsius. Also note that I've recently put new thermal paste on about a week ago so the paste should be breaking it ( Arctic Silver 5 )

Thanks !
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  1. Well, in all honestly I can't tell you that right off rip. I can only suggest you slowly work your way up. Certain CPU's want more or less voltage for a given frequency. Remember, adding frequency will add some temperature, but adding voltage can be like multiplying the added temperature. 0.100v on my 2600k@4.4Ghz actually took me from 65C to 75C. So just keep that in mind. Also, overclocking and finding that sweet spot is a GREAT feeling. So start clocking and see where you get with it. !
  2. Yeaah I was thinking that , thanks mate :)
  3. Not a problem. Don't forget to post and let me know how it's going with it. I always love hearing about other peoples success and trails with CPU's. :)
  4. Yeah I actually overclocked my cpu to 5Ghz earlier today. But I was too scared to up the voltage more than 1.5V incase it fries my CPU :') So when I booted the system it was quite sluggish at first but then picked up not sure why. When running at 4.4Ghz the system boots in 15~16 seconds.
  5. I haven't pushed my 2600k to 5Ghz, but I did get a boot at 4.8Ghz to windows at 1.375v. I bet it'd do 5Ghz though, my cooling isn't going to do it for that high of voltage. I might be able to do a simple test or something but no stress. :) I'm comfortable at 4.4Ghz for now though; nothing ever bothers the CPU at 4Ghz much less 4.4Ghz LOL
  6. Yeah 5Ghz I could stress test but not for too long haha. Temperatures would be crazy
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