Why is my ram running at low speed

So i have 2x2gb sticks of DDR2 PC2-8500 CL5 240pin DIMM memory plugged into my ASUS P5QLD PRO mobo, and when i look at CPU-z it says that the RAM is reading at a speed of 400mhz, calling it PC2-6400. Surely this is wrong? Are there bios settings i need to change, and if there are, how do i go about this (Step by step please!)
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  1. CPU-z is showing that your RAM is running @800MHz. To achieve 1066MHz you will have to make some changes in the BIOS settings. Increasing the Front Side Bus is probably the easiest way, bump it up until the RAM shows 1066MHz - this will also OC your cpu. Then change your RAM settings to match the latencies on the stickers (e.g.,5-5-5-15) and the RAM voltage (e.g., 2.1V). Save and exit the BIOS. After your system restarts, CPU-z should should the new RAM freq (multiply the numbers by 2).
  2. Many thanks - im new to this stuff!

    is the PC now reading the RAM at a higher speed i.e. things will be done quicker, or does it not make a difference.
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