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Hello all,

Before I invest in a 3rd monitor, I hoping to ensure that my current system could handle it. I currently have a 2nd monitor (main screen is just laptop display) through my VGA, and wanted to hook up a 3rd monitor through the HDMI output. Would there be a problem attempting to have 3 displays, laptop screen, VGA monitor, and HDMI monitor?

I have an ati mobility radeon hd 2600. I checked the ati/amd website, and they reported up to 4 monitors can be used, but just wanted to see if anyone could confirm this would work or probably work?

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    Im only aware that the 2600M only supports up to two displays.
    "Two independent display controllers
    Drive two displays simultaneously with independent resolutions, refresh rates, color controls and video overlays for each display"
  2. ah... does my main laptop display count as one of those independent display controllers?
  3. I think so.
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