Nvidia Dual monitor oddness please help

Hey, i have been out the game for a while so you can bash me with noob if you wish. In return please help me figure this out. I have a 7900GTO running stock Bios on windows xp pro. Now i have two iiyama prolite monitors, i cannot for the life of me get the two to show a horizontal span. If i go into the Nvidia control panel verymad.gif it says monitor two is a cmc 17!, it should be saying Pro-lite E435S. I cannot figure out if the nvid control panl is the issue or the card. I will say that occasionally the second monitor fires up so i know its not a DVI issue. I have read that you can install the nvidia driver without control panel, is this true and if so can someone foolist. I have been on a PS3 too long!
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  1. Have you tried reinstalling the latest 192.## drivers?
  2. yeah and last dec 09 drivers, i have spent all day on it, ahhhhhhh, puzzling why the 2nd display says CMC 17 and not digital
  3. Maybe switch the two cables connected to your card, if the cmc 17 monitor is in the same place then the card is at fault and if cmc switches then it’s the monitor.
  4. is there a card diagnostic tool availiable. Both monitors switch on and then one or either both drop just before desktop.
  5. I solved the issue by using a really old driver 2007!

    I upgraded to windows 7 and now its doing the same thing. Please help. Sometimes the lcd monitor fires and then says no input when it transfers from loading windows to desktop.

    Computer people unite to help me. I am going mad. :fou:
  6. You could always try the latest 196.75 driver out today.
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