I7-860 or i5-750

Which would be the best for me to go with?

I plan on running this motherboard.

Also i plan to eventually sli gtx 480 and a 200 series card for physx.
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  1. The biggest factor that will answer your question is your budget. If you can comfortably afford to go for the i7-860 then go for it, if not then the i5-750 would be a good choice. Both perform extremely well in gaming and should handle anything you throw at them.

    Another thing to consider is the socket type. The i5-750 and the i7-860 both use the LGA1156 socket whereas some of the 'higher end' i7 chips use the LGA 1366 socket. Would it be worth you using a board and processor with the 1366 socket type in case you ever want to upgrade to the hexacore chips in the future?
  2. The cost of the hexacore's with intel are way out of my price range. I never plan on going over 4.0ghz on my cpu. I just want something that will not bottleneck my sli 480's and a physx card.
  3. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813188049

    that is the motherboard I would go with if I went 1366.
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