EAH5830 VRM heatsink

I got an EAH5830, the ASUS variant of an ATI Radeon HD 5830.

I've removed the pushpin heatsink for the card's VRMs(I have no new thermal padding to replace the insulation with.), it is not overclocked and is fed air.

Am I okay to leave it like this, is there anything I should know?
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  1. So let me get this straight.. You pulled off the padding that separated the VRM's with the HSF?

    I wouldn't suggest thermal grease as it may be a bad idea to use. I'd suggest getting a new thermal pad. I don't know where to get them but a place I used to work for had a few of the 3M pads laying around. That'd probably be the best option for you.

  2. You cannot leave it like that, you need cooling, either grab some Vga heatsinks or thermal pads as Stedd suggested,
    and again, Why did you remove it?
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