Looking to upgrade, and would appreciate some help! :)

Hi there!

I have an ASUS P5B Deluxe motherboard, just posted about upgrading my memory in the memory forum, and I would also like to upgrade my video card. I currently have a BFG 7950GT.

My monitor's native resolution is 1650x1080.

I'm currently running Windows XP, but I just bought Windows 7, Ultimate.. So I'll be doing a fresh install of that, once I've finished updating my computer a bit. I also found out that I'll need to get a new soundcard, but I was thinking this one would be good.

Of course, I'm not looking for the biggest beast out there or anything like that. Just something nice, that'll let me play some MMO's on higher settings without so much lag & that will get me by, until I can save up to build a whole new PC. lol

Oh, if you need to know, I currently have an Intel core 2 duo e6600.

Alrighty, thanks for your time. :)

I wish I could just build a new computer, but :lol: Wish in one hand and ..... in the other.... :whistle:
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  1. For 1680x1050 an HD5770 is a good choice. It's very power efficient/cool and DX11 compatible.
    Why would you need a new sound card?
  2. A 5770 will do nicely with your setup. ~$150.
  3. @ jyjjy - my sound card won't work when i upgrade to Windows 7 64 bit. the sound on the motherboard doesn't work at all & my current sound card is very, very old. lol

    thank you for the video card recommendation! are there any particular brands/companies that you'd suggest? i went with BFG for my current video card, because of the lifetime guarantee.

    @ paperfox - thank you for the suggestion as well! :)
  4. I too say get a 5770, but I have to ask, have you thought about upgrading your mobo? For a performance gamer build without a sound card, most mobos come equipped with pretty good sound cards these days; I personally have not purchased a new sound card since the Sound Blaster Audigy 2....
  5. @ nrnx - i have thought about it, but don't want to spend the money on a new motherboard, just to get sound. lol i bought this motherboard used, and it didn't have sound, but i got it for such a good price at the time that i didn't really care. i just threw in my old sound card & that was good enough! :) and to be honest, right now i'd rather just pay the 90 bucks for a new card, than 190-250 for a new motherboard.. i pretty much just want something that's good enough to get me by for this year, while i save up for a whole new system to build next year.

    i will probably want to take my sound card over to the next system i build, so i picked a pretty good one. i also don't really game all that much- just play a couple MMO's a few times a week, it's not a daily thing. the next system i build will be a very good one, so i'm starting to do some research on what i want. i've had my current pc since... 2007, if i remember correctly.

    alrighty, thank you! :)
  6. Well that's the thing. A motherboard does NOT need to cost anywhere near that much. You can get a pretty nice motherboard for just the price you are paying for the sound card itself. This combo is $57 dollars more than that sound card;
    You will be able to use your current ram, the onboard sound should be pretty nice and the quadcore cpu is a good deal faster than your current processor.
  7. that looks cool to me! thanks, jyjjy! :) -- i would like to upgrade my memory, though. i would like to put 4gb instead of just having 2. should i just buy 2 more 1 gb sticks or upgrade to 2 x 2g? which would you recommend?

    thank you for your time! :)
  8. Performance wise, G.Skill is the best. I however go for factory brand memory with the same features and they normally score within 10% of the G.Skill in calculation tests. I have 2x2 GB DD2R 667 atm (going to add 2x2 GB DDR2 800 and underclock till I replace the other sticks), but you can get a 2gb Stick for around $52 Non-named or Kingston personally I think ram is Ram, but the price really depends on what speed of ram would you like? (my 4gb of DDR2 still scores a 7.3 on WEI in calculations etc, hasn't really bottle necked any games either)
  9. orionca said:
    that looks cool to me! thanks, jyjjy! :) -- i would like to upgrade my memory, though. i would like to put 4gb instead of just having 2. should i just buy 2 more 1 gb sticks or upgrade to 2 x 2g? which would you recommend?

    thank you for your time! :)

    You could add 2 more gigs of ram;
    Or if you are willing to ditch your current memory I would actually recommend not getting that combo I linked earlier as instead you can get a real AM3 motherboard and DDR3 ram;
    Other options if you are willing to spend more would be a Phenom II x4 processor($50 more, same as the Athlon II but with more cache. Nice if you can afford it but the performance difference isn't huge) and/or a crossfire motherboard(probably $30ish more. It will allow you to add another HD5770 at some point if you desire. Crossfired they will give you performance similar to an HD5870)
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